My Israeli Friend

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starring Enzo Weiskopf and eyewitness Abraham Gafni 

a Hermann Weiskopf AVG Filmproduktion e.U.

with artist Jacqueline Seeber


Enzo (13) plays online games all the time. One day he has to go for a trip from Austria to Israel, where he meets Abraham Gafni (90).

Enzo is bored to death but perks up his ears, when Abraham tells him about his life. 

In 1938, as a ten-year-old Jew from Innsbruck in Austria, Abraham had to flee the Nazis in 1938. The loss of his left behind grandparents and little sister, murdered by the Nazis, accompanies him to this day.

Through Abraham's story, Enzo recognizes the value of humanity and friendship.


Artistic Cast 

Eye witness Abraham GAFNI and teenager Enzo WEISKOPF

Street singer: Yossef SIKUREL

Street painter: Eliyahou GRÜNBERG

Narrating voice: Stephanie BRENNER

Singing voice in the film score: Kristina Marie CASTANEDA

Artist of the 16 paintings about Abraham Gafni's life: Jacqueline SEEBER 

Technical Cast

Costumes: Gwen McGUIRK Hairstylist: Claudia HÖRTNAGL 

Sound: Simon FREIMANN, Simon PLATZER 

Sound design: Tomas BASTIAN

Director of Photography: Yosi LEON, Jesse KENT

Film editing: Jesse KENT

Composer film music: Bernhard FALKNER

Film script: Dr. Peter MAIR, Kirsten OSSOINIG

Director: Hermann WEISKOPF

Film idea "My Israeli Friend"


Dr. Peter MAIR, Kirsten OSSOINIG


Nationalfonds der Republik Österreich für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus

Kulturabteilung Land Tirol

Kulturabteilung der Stadt Innsbruck

Belludio Boutique Brands


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